COVID-19 Work Safety Compliance

What we need our loyal customer base to know, and understand while we re-build
our restaurant

Floor Space and Social Distancing
We have measured our area in our large dining room, and this room is spacious enough to book in
40 people (we arrived at this number by calculating our floor area divided by 4)
In order to give each other the space we need we will be doing seated table service only – it’s okay
to come up and order a drink at the bar, or pay your bill at the bar, but please don’t form lines or
linger longer than necessary
While we are more than happy to welcome back little diners, we ask parents to please take full
responsibility to ensure that your child(ren) remain seated for the duration of your dinner booking

Bookings ONLY
To ensure that we comply with regulation we ask that you ring ahead and book as far in advance as
possible. We will require your name and number (as per usual) for traceability.
We will be staggering our booking times so that we don’t have too many people from too many
different groups arriving at the same time.
As we are doing our best to re-build our business – it is best you know that we will not have the staff
required to do a good job if you do not book ahead. At least 24 hours ahead would be preferable, as
we need to arrange people to be here to look after you.
Please, please, please show up for your booking. Not showing up, or showing up with less people
than you booked for will not go over well, as we are having to turn people away. We understand
that things happen, just let us know as early as possible.
And of course, if you are displaying symptoms of Coronavirus, or are otherwise unwell – please do
not come in!

Handwashing and Hygiene
Please continue to observe proper handwashing and hygiene principles, and tread lightly. Do not
touch something if you don’t have to!

Cleaning and Disinfecting Protocol
We have completed a COVID-19 Work Safety Plan to help us navigate through these challenging
times. Rest assured our commitment to COVID-19 protocol/standards is as important as our
continued commitment to food safety and food quality. We will continue sanitizing high use items
on a regular basis (think menus, salt and pepper shakers, tables, chairs, door handles, light switches,
eftpos terminals etc.) And we will continue our high standards back of house (high temperature
commercial dishwasher, glass dishwashing, polishing cutlery etc.) because we know how important
this is while we all adjust to the “new normal”