Our Story

It started years ago as a blind date, when mutual friends decided to set up their good friends Nathan and Jade. With a passion for each other, travel, food and life in general, the dreams of running restaurant always hovered on the back burner…a marriage, 2 children and a working holiday around parts of Australia later, the opportunity arose to bring a quality family eatery to the gorgeous Coal River Valley in Tasmania. A place where children were welcome but an adult didn’t have to sacrifice a good meal-that was the kind of place we wanted to create.

Well, that was 10 years ago and we’ve never looked back! Our family run restaurant started in the 40 seat café space with second hand tables and chairs, a temperamental gas oven, $500 in the bank and 2 maxed out credit cards. We certainly weren’t in any kind of sound financial position to be taking over a restaurant but we’d never let that stop us before.

We begged and borrowed, and we worked our arses off to make it happen, and on our fifth birthday we celebrate the culmination of the blood sweat and tears-a full of heart renovation featuring an 80 seat dining room to accommodate our loyal and food loving public, a small private garden view function room and ‘Chill Zone’ full of bean bags and actual board games! We couldn’t be more proud, or humbled for that matter. So many people have been involved in the continued success of this endeavour and our only hope is that you all know that we are forever grateful for whatever contribution that has come our way.

Chef Nate’s previous hospitality experience has definitely served him well in the opening and building of the family enterprise. Having completed his apprenticeship under Sean Connolly in Astral Fine Dining Sydney, he learned the ropes from some of the industries finest.

Winning accolades as an apprentice Nathan was offered to stay on at Astral as a qualified chef, but decided instead use his newly acquired skill set to travel and work his way around the world. Nathan’s unwavering commitment to quality and consistency has been the common thread through his almost 25 years in the hospitality industry.

Jade’s past includes the performing arts both on stage professionally and in the studio, as well as customer service and marketing roles in other businesses. Put all this together and you have Nate’s backstage manager, critically important in the administration and support of the business.

And then there are the children, Layla and Faith. You’ll see them in the kitchen, on the floor, talking to customers and tugging on their parent’s legs. Nate’s Restaurant isn’t just about making great food that keeps you coming back for more, it’s about raising a family, and extending that family towards our staff, our customers and the community. It’s also about an ordinary family attempting to do extraordinary things.

Come along for the journey.